We Are Watching Over You

We are watching over you, painting by Carolina Gårdheim

This painting represents a watershed moment for me. It changed everything.

When I started to explore my possibilities of becoming an artist, I tried one thing after another. 

I took courses, found inspiration from other painters, tried different techniques, different processes, different motives, different styles. But whatever I created – however satisfied I was with it, however happy I was putting it on my wall in my own house – I never felt that it was a painting meant for selling.

It wasn’t just the usual need to keep the baby (in this case, the painting) close for a period before being ready to part with it. Nothing I painted at this point felt as if it was part of the work that I was here to do. 

That is, not until this painting came along.

Already from the start, I felt that it was somehow special.

At first, I almost didn’t realize it. It was just a slight rise in energy. But after a while, I couldn’t look at the painting without getting chills. My whole body was tingling!

Then it started speaking to me…

– We are watching over you, it said.

I got startled and looked up at the painting – did I really hear that?

– Yes, the voice continued. You heard us right. We have come to let you know that we are watching over you. We are here to help. You are never alone. Please let our message travel out over the world through your paintings. We are with you, and we are with the ones meant to be touched by these paintings, our energy, and our message.

After that, they came back to me over and over again.

They showed up in different colors, forms, and contexts, with diverse textures and messages, but always with the same high vibration that I had felt the first time.

Of course, I wondered – who are these beings?

Immediately, I felt the answer – at least my answer. To me, this was the energy of my Lemurian friends, the ones that I had met at Mount Shasta a few years earlier, that surged through me. My Inner Earth family had come to work with me.

Now, this was my experience. For you, it could be a whole other story.

I notice that they are speaking to you personally. Everyone feels the energy differently. Everyone receives different messages. 

But regardless of how we perceive them, what we call them or what messages we get from them, they are all light beings. They come in love and they have come to support us.  

There are more to come.

Yes, you will be seeing – and feeling – more of these fellows further on.

For now, I present four of them here. But there will be more.

They have so much love to share with you. I hope you can feel their gift.

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