Joint exhibition at Galleri Roddarhuset, Vaxholm

Calling hUmaNITY to build & lean into Circles of Love, 50 x 120 x 4 cm, acrylics & mixed media on jute canvas, by Carolina Gårdheim, SEK 11.500, incl VAT

September 10-15th, I welcome you to my first joint exhibition with my dear friend and brilliant photographer, Anja Callius.

The exhibition, called Paradise Unearthed, will be held at the beautiful gallery Roddarhuset in my home town Vaxholm just north of Stockholm.

Paradise Unearthed

With the theme Paradise Unearthed, artists Anja Callius and Carolina Gårdheim are trying to stage the energy in our world that has the potential of making humans and nature flourish even more than we so far have managed.

It is about being our most authentic selves, meeting each other on common ground, our connection to the life-giving mother-of-all who stabilizes the world, and also our responsibility to take care of her, Mother Earth.

– In darker times, we must keep the flame alive and help each other visualize the world we want to see. With the exhibition Paradise Unearthed, we want to be part of that act of creation.

Anja Callius is a freelance photographer based in Stockholm, trained in Copenhagen and California. She has had several exhibitions, working both analog and digitally in her artistry. In Paradise Unearthed, she explores the symbolics of the trees – their connection to humans, from the legends to the very life nerve that they are for our world and us, dependent on it. In her photographs, she uses layers to build up whole worlds that she invites us to explore.

Carolina Gårdheim lives and works in Vaxholm, where she has her studio and gallery. She paints intuitively with bravery, passion, and love for texture and details, often colorful and big, in layers upon layers, with acrylics and mixed-media, calling it Vibrational Art. With Paradies Unearthed, Carolina explores and shares her symbolic image of ”paradise.” At the same time, she asks us: What is Paradise for you? And how can we create it?

Save the date!

Vernissage Sept 10, 2022, from 11 am to 4 pm.

The exhibition runs Sept 10–15 at the Gallery Roddarhuset, Östra Ekuddsgatan 21, Vaxholm, Sweden, in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, only 30-40 minutes from the city. Make it a day trip! The picturesque village of Vaxholm is well worth visiting.

The gallery and café is open Tuesday–Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. (NB! Closed on Monday.)

Hope to see you then!

Please stay tuned for more information via my sacred communication channel Studio Musings (subscribe here).

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