Meet Me Online April 21st to Be Inspired!

Våga vara fantastisk!

It is never too late to follow your heart!

Do you want to get inspired to finally start doing what you have been longing for, but not yet dared to do?

Please sign up for the inspiring online series of motivational conversations called Våga vara fantastisk (Dare to Be Amazing) now! (It’s free!)

You will be able to listen in – and ask questions – when Marika Tapper interviews me next Wednesday evening.

We will talk about following the whisperings of the soul, daring to change career after fifty, going for becoming an artist only because of the calling of the soul – despite the brain calling it wild and crazy!

The conversation will be held in Swedish.

Sign up now at See you on April 21st at 8 pm!

Våga vara fantastisk!

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