Re-Evaluating Beauty

Painting hands I Carolina Gårdheim

Painting doesn’t make much for your hands – broken nails, often with bandaids and dry skin, more often than I would want with stains that I missed when washing them.

But I love these hands more than when I had them made at a salon!

They do the job. They help me create. They share my passion for structure, the feeling I get when I let my fingers caress the canvas.

They couldn’t be more beautiful in my eyes.

Isn’t it wonderful to re-evaluate what is truly beautiful, just by looking at it from the inside, instead of from the outside?

Suddenly, wear and tear, flaws, scars, and wrinkles become beautiful. They become marks showing that we have lived, memories from our life, our experiences. That, which is the most important thing we own – the very thing that makes us unique, that makes us us.  

Anything that you get inspired to re-evaluate in your own life? 

Take care, do what you love, and have a lovely weekend!

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