On Being an Artist

Photo: Anja Callius

For me, being an artist is putting yourself at risk every day.

It is waking up curious, wanting more. It is letting go of ego and fears and committing to the creative journey. It is exploring limits and being brave enough to risk failure, mistakes, and making a fool of yourself.

It is enduring the pain when nothing goes as planned – just to look at the painting a moment later with amazement, wondering where that came from?

Being an artist is surrendering to the creative force, letting it flow through your body without questioning it. It is being the tool, the empty chalice, and keep creating, despite never being sure of the outcome, knowing that the creative force will, eventually, lead you right.

Being an artist is being brave. It is walking the frontier, showing what is possible, giving form and life to dreams. It is sharing a glimpse of the creative life force that is always present but so often forgotten.

What does being an artist mean to you?

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