Art is a connection from hand to heart, through the soul

Cueva de las Manos, Argentina

”I was here.” Or? Of course, we can’t know the message of this amazing cave painting. But that’s the feeling I get (after a gasp of ”wow, how beautiful!”).

Just imagine – those are imprints of actual hands from actual humans, made 10000 years ago…

Why did they put their hands on the rock? Did they know they would send a message through time, received thousands of years later?

”We were here. Now you are here. Connection.”

My mind boggles!

I keep returning to this image, over and over again. It’s so simple. Yet so immensely strong.

Hands. Color. Rock.

So simple! And still, it evokes such deep feelings…

It’s amazing.

Art is amazing.

A connection from hand to heart, through the soul.

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